ELKIOS GROUP and its team support its customers in the development of their innovation strategies

Our vision

Creating innovating & developing is today the essential triptique of all societies in all sectors of activity.

In a context of increased competition expanded worldwide, innovation has become a necessity and the R & D function an element to cope with the changes.

For the company, innovation can not be a goal in itself, it must be integrated into its strategy.

ELKIOS GROUP brings its scientific, technological, fiscal and managerial expertise to the implementation of a global innovation strategy on behalf of its clients.

Elkios’s Scientific Advisory Lab

The Scientific Advisory LAB brings a new vision that allows to reach new markets and create new opportunities on behalf of our clients.

Because value creation is fundamental, all our actions consider the principles of time to market and cost saving.

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Graphics and computer graphics

Masses of data

Systems, network and telecommunications

Distributed Computing and High performance Computing

Basic Computing

Cyber resilience

The main targets of the Scientific Advisory LAB are:

  • Customer expertise: Customers must be convinced that your business solution is based on solid expertise, and the way to explain the benefits (for the scientific part too) must be clear and defined. Thus, three main information must be considered: a relevant state of the art a good knowledge of the internal skills of your company and a great knowledge in the field of customer service.
  • Analysis of customer problems: An important advantage of the Scientific Advisory LAB is that of offering an answer to the problems encountered by customers at 3 levels:


  1. A functional answer, as fast as possible through a prototype
  2. A response that creates search prospects, with the aim of guiding the client towards new contracts, for example by targeting performance optimization, or proposing more robust and / or innovative solutions.
  3. An operational response by optimizing project processing time


  • Prototypes: Develop and implement prototypes (material or conceptual) as proof of concept.
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Many companies already have great successes and good processes, however, the advantage of considering these processes through new information, even valued by the aspect of research, seems to be a wise approach.

The main problem with working with a research team is the complexity of maximizing the benefits of collaboration. It is very important to find the right expert (s), find the right way, based on a research-oriented methodology to work together.

The Scientific Advisory LAB is the link between your company and French researchers. The French Research Academy (Inria, the CNRS, the universities ect.) Brings many solutions and concrete methodologies to improve the industrial product. However, without this relevant link, all this aspect is lost. And the big companies (Orange, Nokia, Airbus, Engie etc.) have understood very well the interest of working in this way.

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The field of knowledge is open and we can create new areas of expertise. However, the currently available offer can be used for Cloud, Fog, IT Energy Management, Security, Algorithmic, Deployment, Distributed Systems.

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The research tax credit (RTC)

The research tax credit is currently the only assistance allowing companies to fund inovative initiatives up to 30 % of the invested expenses per 100 million euros and to 5 % above this amount.

Our expertise ensure the complete success of the scientific and technological redaction along with the RTC files fiscal securing.

Our methodology

  • An audit about the selection of the Research and Development projects
  • Available « in situ » engineers
  • Validation of the Research and Development projects
  • Writing of the projects
  • Drawing up the different projects files
  • Checking and validation phase for the accounting and fiscal part before sending it off to the administrative office.
  • Scientific, technological and fiscal support of the projects in case of regulation*

*A well built dossier will lower the risk of this eventuality. Our scientific and fiscal experts (this double expertise being necessary to secure the document) will be by your sides throughout all the different meetings with the administrative office.

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